Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro rings hair extensions are arguably the best method of application of extension hair. A small metal tube is clamped over the real hair to attach the hair extensions. Good quality micro-rings hair extensions are light weight with a silicon inner lining to prevent hair extensions from slipping. Due to the light weight of the micro rings there is no damage to the roots of your existing hair. Removal of these extensions is simply done by lightly unclamping the micro-rings allowing the extensions to fall out. Micro rings hair extensions are a safe alternative for people with sensitive skin as adhesive removers are not needed.

Micro ring is the latest innovation in applying hair extensions.Clients and hair specialists love this technique. New York Micro ring hair extensions have become more popular over the last few years. Attaching this type of extension is simply very effective. The human hair is pulled through micro ring extensions and then squeezed shut using hair extension pliers.

There are many best reasons for people to use micro rings hair extension because it is a relatively safe method and easy application while other techniques threaten the health of the hair by causing it stress and pulling it out upon removal. This will take only 20 min for applying and removing. Micro ring hair extensions will not cause serious damage to your hair if you maintain them properly. Micro rings hair extensions remove this risk and help keep the hair healthy and vibrant.

New York hair extensions experts will easily install and remove the hair extensions, while you sit back and relax. We have three gorgeous private rooms for application. We have world class facilities in our salon. Each private room has its own TV, and Private sink, and Fendi Furniture. It is simple but effective method of application and this will not damage your hair. When micro ring hair extensions are attached it is very hard to detect the extensions from your own hair. NY Micro Ring Hair Extension Salon uses strand-by-strand methods, re usable hair extensions and our seventy different salon Extensions are all 100% natural.

We always opt for superior Micro ring attachment that designed specially. Compared to today's common wefting method micro rings are in a major improved position. Not only they are light, flexible, and are easy to install and remove, Micro rings do not require sticky glues for attachment or strong solvents for removal. No need to pull out your hair instead you can take away micro rings easily rom your scalp. This new technology and the way handling implementation process clearly explains that we are veteran.

The Micro Ring hair extensions installation and removal system is one of the easiest hair extension systems available on the market. This hair technique can be done on all types of hair. The micro rings come in different colors of metal and are covered with plastic, which provides a comfortable cushion for hair. The clamp of micro ring extension will place securely so that when you are doing the most challenging of activities it will not slip out. Those who have wear New York micro ring hair extensions will accept that they are convenient in their day-to-day normal life.

New York Micro ring hair extensions are safest way to add length; thickness and color without damaging your natural own hair and gives great alternate to permanent extensions. New York hair extensions are the most simple and easy way to get beautiful hair. In NY salon extensions , experts are using natural human hair for micro ring salon extensions and are becoming more renowned across the country and mainly in places like Astoria, Queens, Manhattan, NJ, CT, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, New York, NYC and NY.

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