Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Hair Extensions is the latest innovation of hair extensions. It is easy to use without any heat or glue. New York Micro Loop hair extensions are made by 100% finest human hair and it has micro ring already in place. All you need is only the pliers. You can straighten, curl and cut the micro loop hair extensions. Micro Loop Hair Extensions are the latest, safest and quickest hair extension method on the market. This hair extensions are100% Remy Grade Human Hair feather light, easy to manage long hair in just a few short hours. This New, Patented NY micro loop Hair Extension System is the latest development in Extension Technology. You can treat the micro loop hair extensions as if they were your own hair. You can cut, curl and straighten them. This is possible because they are 100% High Quality Human Remy Hair Extensions and they are A Grade and tangle free.

These loop hair extensions are applied using Micro Rings and the Easy Loop System. You section your hair where you want the hair extensions applied, then take a small amount of hair, and thread it through the loop. Then you can gently pull the loop which in turn will thread your hair through the micro ring. Then using the pliers clamp the micro ring shut which will secure the extension to your natural hair. Continue doing this until you have applied the micro loop hair extensions to the thickness you require. It is really that much simple. As your hair grows you can make adjustments to the extensions by simply using the pliers to open the micro rings and push the extension back up towards your scalp, and reclamp the micro ring shut. To remove the hair extensions altogether all you need to do is open each micro ring and slide it and the extension from your human hair. Micro Loop hair extensions are made by 100% finest human hair and it has micro ring already in place to use without any heat or glue.

New York hair extensions experts will easily install and remove the hair extensions, while you sit back and relax. We have three gorgeous private rooms for application. We have world class facilities in our salon. Each private room has its own TV, and Private sink, and Fendi Furniture. It is simple but effective method of application and this will not damage your hair. When micro loop hair extensions are attached it is very hard to detect the extensions from your own hair.

In New York hair extensions salon, micro loop hair extensions system uses the superior attachment method using specially designed loop micro rings. These loop rings are a major improvement to the common wefting methods in use today. Not only they are light, flexible, and are easy to install and remove, Micro loop hair extensions do not require sticky glues for attachment or strong solvents for removal. This hair attachment can be removed without pulling your hair out. The creation and use of our new technology has shown us that we are superior.

New York Micro Loop hair extensions are safest way to add length; thickness and color without damaging your natural own hair and gives great alternate to permanent extensions. New York hair extensions are the most simple and easy way to get beautiful hair. In New York hair extensions salon, experts are using natural human hair for long hair extensions and are becoming more popular across the country and mainly in places like New York, NYC, NY, in Astoria, Queens, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, NJ, and CT. The hair extensions can last a year or year and a half, so you can get it re-adjusted closer to your scalp. This can save you money in the long run. You also can avoid heat that might be damaging to your hair when done incorrectly at amateur hair extension salons. NY Famous Hair Extensions Salon is the World's Best Hair extensions salon, and perform over seventy different hair extension types.

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