Keratin Extensions

The Keratin extensions are suitable for all hair types from virgin, untreated hair to highly damaged and weak. This evolutionary hair straightening process will deliver straight, healthy and beautifully shiny hair. Keratin is a nitrogenous organic compound that gives strength to human hair nail and skin. This liquid hair blends with the hair on your head dramatically improving its quality on both the inside cortex and the outside cuticle of the hair layers. Smaller keratin molecules penetrate the inside cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. This will add strength, elasticity and moisture resulting in smooth, soft, shiny and straight hair. The nitrogenous organic keratin compound cover the outside cuticle of the hair and save us from ecological effects such as smoke, UV rays and smog. Keratin will prevent our hair from further damage.

New York Keratin extensions salon is a hair revolutionary treatment which gives is an intense treatment that softens, smoothens, and most important gives you straight hair. This keratin method does not include any strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it, breaking the bones of the hair shaft. The natural protein Keratin comprises approximately 88% of your hair. This treatment will penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing from further damage. Keratin is high in sulphur and the amino acid cystine, which makes it tough, elastic and insoluble. These are all the fundamental qualities to the strong structural role keratin often play in nature.

Keratin extensions are popular in hair salons and most of the salons that provide this service do not offer the best ingredient like New York Keratin extensions salon. Our salon uses the premium products, such as Redken, SkinCeuticals, Pureology, etc, and we stick with that trend with our special techniques. Keratin is heated in a glue gun with the hair extension literally glued to the existing hair. The keratin glue can with stand to both heat and chemical treatments. An adhesive glue remover is used to remove and dissolve the glue bonds to a powdery substance. Our's Famous Brazilian Keratin Salon of New York, NY, NYC is the leader in the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Field.

Keratin hair extensions are applied to the hair using the fusion method, which involves melting keratin with a heat wand and then rolling the softened keratin around a very small section of hair with the fingers. This method effectively glues false hair into natural hair.

Keratin extensions salon of New York, NY, NYC is the proven leader in the Keratin Hair extensions and our salon has the most proven Keratin extensions formulas that are available on the market. No need to wonder we have visitors from all over the New York, NY, NYC area, and also people from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, LI, Long Island, Westchester visit us every day for keratin hair extensions. We have six Full time hair experts and stylists that they are specialize in the Keratin Hair extensions process. We are the best Keratin extensions salon in NY, NYC, and New York.

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