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Feather Hair Extensions is definitely one of the latest and greatest fads to hit Hollywood this year. Using feathers as an element of hair decoration dates back to the most ancient times. Ostrich, pheasant, peacock and many other types of feathers have been incorporated in hair styles throughout human history. In many ways it's just a natural: the composition of feathers is quite similar to that of human hair, basically composed of protein.

The practice of attaching rooster feathers to human hair is becoming more popular, in part due to various celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Kesha, Hillary Duff and Miley Cyrus who were early adopters of the practice. Rooster feathers have been used for making fly fishing lures for years. Lately however, fishing shops have seen an increase in sales from women and hair salons seeking to use the feathers as hair extensions.

Feather hair extensions are the hottest trend of the season, adding style and texture to your hair in a matter of minutes. They are reusable and may be treated just like your normal hair. Feather hair extensions Long Island can be brushed, straightened, blow dried, and even curled.

All feather hair extensions are sold in packs and not pre tipped for your convenience to mix and match your own unique color combination. Feather hair extensions Long Island are suitable for all hair types and will last an average of four months depending on maintenance.

New York Feather hair extensions are range of long fine feather extensions; to our feather fringe extensions the possibilities are endless with our range of hair feathers. Quality assured, we use the highest grade feathers available.

To schedule your feather hair extensions appointment, call Our's Feather Hair Extensions Salons in New York at 1-718-932-7777 or 1-917-885-9644 to set up your feather hair extensions appt now. We have a lot of colors and styles to choose from! Cost is $15 a feather that includes the feather extension and install. We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers.

Our exciting range of high quality hair feathers give you many creative options for styling and adding color and flare to your hair. Feather extensions Brooklyn are of actual feathers of all colors, attached to the hair with small crimp beads and are by far the more popular of the two services, according to Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon near Brooklyn. We charge you $15 a feather, that includes the feather extension and install.

Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon near New York clients is having a blast with feathers,- says Our owner. Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon near New York. They are such an inexpensive and fun way to change up a hairstyle, she adds. Especially after this dark winter, folks are ready to strut some spring plumage. We haven't introduced a service in a while that has had this much excitement.

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